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Program and Project Management

Ensure successful implementation of digital programs/projects by managing critical metrics related to their costs, schedule and quality

​We help you to get answers of the project management questions such as:

  • What are the key metrics to measure the success of our projects?

  • How do we keep all the key stakeholders (leadership, business teams, vendors, customers, etc.) on the same page concerning project status?

  • What are the key milestones that our project team has achieved till now?

  • Do our projects have any open risks or issues which can negatively impact the progress of projects?

  • Are our projects running as per schedule or behind the schedule?

  • Do our projects have the optimum number of resources for timely implementation?

How We Help

Setup PMO (Project Management Office)

Setup standardised process, required tools and suitable project management methodology required for managing projects.

Project Planning

Identify key activities, milestones, due dates and owners for each of the activities.

Project Execution

Manage risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies associated with the project. Create and communicate project status reports including key metrics related to schedule, budget and quality.

Tool Selection and Setup

Assist in selection and setup of the most suitable project management tool which offers necessary capabilities within the available budget for the required number of users.

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