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Business Analysis

Translate business needs into functional and system-level requirements which can easily be implemented by your technical team

We help you to get answers to the questions related to business analysis such as:

  • How do we prioritise business needs considering the limited capacity of our technical team?

  • What does it take to seamlessly translate business requirements into technical requirements which can easily be digested by our technical teams?

  • How do we ensure that newly developed technical features are aligned with the expectations of business teams?

  • How do we adopt agile ways of working in order to quickly implement high-priority requirements?

How We Help

Estimation and Scoping

Identify in-scope and out-of-scope requirements by collaborating with the business team. Provide a high-level cost estimate for requirements in-scope.

Requirement Definition

Define business and functional requirements and document them in form of user stories.

Requirement Management

Manage traceability, sizing, dependencies, assumptions, risks and issues associated with the requirements throughout the lifecycle of the requirements.

Support to Technical Team

Assist technical teams by explaining requirements and solving related queries to ensure smooth development and testing of the requirements.

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